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Relationships is an ongoing photographic series portraying groupings of polyamorous people in Sydney. By focusing my lens on a kind of love that breaks from the monogamous mould, I reach for an expanded visual language around relationships. A visual language that departs from the archetypal image of one man and one woman together till death.


People who engage in polyamory have relationships with more than one person at a time, with all partners consenting to the arrangement. This practice of non-monogamy, though widely seen as taboo, is cropping up more publicly in popular media.


I have photographed participants at home with their lovers. I use their domestic space as I would a studio set, selectively creating backgrounds from their furniture and wall décor. In this way I attempt to communicate about intimacy in a visual language that is familiar to the viewer, yet with a critical point of difference. I aim to portray versions of intimacy that are distinct, unapologetic, and simultaneously recognisable.

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