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Apart/A Part

Apart/A Part is a series of double and triple exposure portraits captured across still photography and video that explore multiple expressions of self. Meeting expectations across the various spheres of life, from the professional to the social to the societal, can mean presenting oneself differently in different contexts. With social media we can, and often feel we must, maintain multiple existences across several platforms concurrently. With this project I attempted to grapple visually with my own feeling of having many partial selves. I began to imagine them sitting together in the same room, having to inhabit the same space. I started by photographing myself as different characters. Each of them a little bit me and a little bit not me. The project expanded as I invited my friends to do the same. The multiple exposure technique, which decreases the opacity of the subject in relation to their environment, gives the characters a ghostly quality and lends itself to the concept of plurality in self-expression while considering the ways identities are constructed, enacted, and inhabited.

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